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Anglers and the general fishing public represent a tremendous, but largely untapped, knowledge-base that has the potential to make significant contributions toward fisheries management and conservation. The Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation is very proud to actively engage the sportfishing community and recognize their efforts and their role as essential partners in developing a comprehensive understanding of marine fishes.

We routinely partner with numerous private fishermen, angling organizations, fishing tournaments throughout the region, and other outdoor groups. These include workshops to gather and disseminate information, tagging initiatives, tissue collection, data collection programs, and many other synergistic activities. Whether it is collecting key recreational catch information, data collection tools for fishermen, providing tagging kits to anglers, or simply following some of our popular apex predators on the Shark Tracker, we are always enthusiastic about engaging Citizen Scientist and incorporating those interests in our research and data collection programs.


The Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation is a center at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies where Dr. Greg Stunz is also the Endowed Chair for Fisheries and Ocean Health...


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